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Customer reviews and feedbacks.
April 13, 2015

We appreciate every words you say! BikeActually.sg is open to all feedbacks, comments and criticisms. You help us grow, along with the rise of CRIUS in Singapore! We've thought of having photos of CRIUS bikes and their new respective owners...

New page feature!
April 13, 2015

Our page has a new "Customer Reviews" and ratings section now for all bicycles in the "Products" page under every brand and model of bicycle. Feel free to leave us your feedback, critics and comments on your purchased bicycles! However,...

Review : CRIUS Smart 1.0 and 3.0 (Single Speed and 3 Speed)
March 13, 2015

For some people, though not avid cyclists, they would need to have bicycle with them at all times for transport. For others, it's their bread and butter shuffling between places within short distances. For that, there is the 14" CRIUS...