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"I've never heard of this brand - CRIUS?"
May 19, 2015

Many avid cyclists prefer Litepro because their products significantly reduce any bicycle's weight overall! The weight reduction is not the only factor. Safety, durability and reliability was not overlooked. No safety, durablity and reliability was ever compromised. This is a...

Dos and Don'ts on taking photos of your folding bicycle for sale.
April 27, 2015

Putting your bicycle up for sale is pretty much straightforward. You only need a camera, or more simply put, your smartphone! Let the photos below be a guide, you don't have to be accurate as in the photos below, just...

Customer reviews and feedbacks.
April 13, 2015

We appreciate every words you say! BikeActually.sg is open to all feedbacks, comments and criticisms. You help us grow, along with the rise of CRIUS in Singapore! We've thought of having photos of CRIUS bikes and their new respective owners...